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Ash Scattering Services In South Florida

Send Your Loved Ones Ashes Into The Beautiful Blue Gulf Stream

We Provide the Most Respectful & Uplifting Scattering Service Available. Accompany us on our 42′ ultrawide catamaran yacht and give your loved one a memorable and fitting send off.

Give your loved one the most fitting and memorable farewell they deserve. We guarantee the most respectful, dignified, and affordable ash-scattering service in Florida. Talk to us about your needs and we will do our best to provide you with the service you deserve.

We currently have two ash-scattering service packages: accompanied and unaccompanied.


If you want to personally see to the scattering of your loved one’s ashes, this package is for you. The cost depends on how many people will join the ceremony. The package starts at $600 for no more than 6 people.


Sometimes, inevitable circumstances prevent families from personally scattering the ashes of their loved ones. This is why we’re offering the unattended scattering service package. We will scatter the ashes on your behalf with as much dignity and respect you would have given.

Request A Customized Ceremony

We understand that scattering the ashes of your loved ones is a very personal affair. This is why aside from our standard packages, we also cater to customized requests. We also accept requests for the scattering of a pet’s ashes or revisiting a scattering site. Just tell us what you need so we can send you a custom quote.

All of our services come with a certificate signed by the captain indicating the date, time, and GPS coordinates of the scattering site. So you can easily go back to it during death anniversaries, special occasions, or whenever you want to.

We understand how hard it is to bid farewell to someone who has touched our lives. As such, we are fully committed to providing the most respectful and uplifting ash-scattering service.

Our services are designed to make this poignant moment as comfortable for you as possible. We make it our mission to handle your loved one’s ashes with respect and deference as you would have given them.