How Much Is The Average Cost of Cremation in Florida?

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Published November 6th, 2019

With a population composed mostly of baby boomers and retirees, cremation is a booming industry in Florida.

In fact, the Cremation Association of North America predicted that the state will have a 67.6% cremation rate by 2019. It also has the second-highest growth in the number of cremations from 2013 to 2017.

A Fortune article attributed this increase to three factors: religion, cost, and personalization.

With rapid urbanization comes a shift in religious beliefs. For the past decades, people have stopped identifying with a certain religion. This gives them more freedom to choose alternative burial methods.

Compared to a traditional funeral, cremations are cheaper – way, way cheaper. A single burial plot alone can cost you several thousand dollars. Then there’s the cost of embalming and other traditional trappings. All of which can easily add up to well over $6,000.

Another factor that drives people to cremation is personalization. Unlike traditional burials, people can choose where and how to dispose of their loved one’s ashes. Some choose to keep it at home, turn them into keepsake items or scatter the ashes at sea. (Click here to learn more about the most respectful and uplifting service for the scattering of ashes at sea in Florida.)

Despite its popularity, cremation prices are not regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. But funeral service providers need to provide a price list and disclose it on their website.

Factors Affecting Cost of Cremation in Florida

Since cremation ceremonies are tailored to customer needs, there are several factors that can affect its cost. Some of them are:

Funeral Director Fees

Not all of us are familiar with the process of planning funerals, thus many turn to funeral directors. They take care of the logistics and legalities from the funeral to the burial.

Depending on the funeral parlor, funeral director fees in Florida can range from $1,500 to as much as $7,000. This usually includes fees for acquiring permits, the death certificate, and other necessary paperwork.


Cremation laws in Florida do not require caskets. Any suitable rigid container will do. But if you want to hold a funeral service before the cremation, it’s definitely a necessity. Some funeral homes offer caskets for rent but if you want to buy a new one, expect to pay around $2,984 for a wooden casket.

The Actual Cremation

Depending on the funeral service provider, the actual cremation process in Florida can range from $500 to $3000. Most packages already include the basic services of the funeral director, removal of remains and transportation to the cemetery.


Most funeral parlors offer memorial urns but if you want to have more choices, you can order one online. Prices range from $40 to $400 depending on the material. Biodegradable urns are generally more expensive than ceramic ones.

Woman throwing flowers while scattering ashes at sea during a post-cremation memorial service.

Memorial Service

Fees for memorial service usually include the use of the chapel, equipment, staff services, and memorial cards. In total, it can range from $1,000 to $2,000.


If you’re planning to have a viewing of the remains before the cremation, prepare to shell out an additional $2,000. This includes the payment for preparing the body, an open casket, and the stylist to do the hair and makeup.


By law, embalming is not required especially if the body is set for cremation. But it’s necessary for certain funeral arrangements that involve viewing and long-distance transportation. The typical cost for embalming in Florida can range from $500 to $1,000.


The type of flowers and floral arrangements you choose also affect the overall cost of cremation. Though it’s not really required, flowers have traditionally been offered at funerals. The cost of the floral arrangement is also determined by the season and your geographical location.

A decent size flower arrangement with exotic flowers can fetch up to $300. While a nice-sized bouquet perfect for post-cremation memorial service usually costs around $50 to $100.

Average Cost of Cremation in Florida’s Major Cities

According to, the average cost of cremation in Florida can run from $695 up to $3,397.

A direct cremation can be arranged for as little as $600 to $900. This type of arrangement doesn’t involve memorial services or viewings. It’s a very simple funeral that only includes the removal of remains, cremation, and basic staff service.

According to the Cremation Institute, these are the average cost of cremation in major cities in Florida:

A table detailing the average cost of cremation in major cities in Florida.

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